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Essential Upgrades for Every RV

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Essential Upgrades for Every RV

For many, RVing is more than just a hobby—it’s a way of life. With all the time spent in your recreational vehicle, you quickly find areas that you could stand to improve in comfort and efficiency. Before long, modifying your RV can become something of an amusing diversion as you come up with ways to make it better and better. If you’re pondering what enhancements to make next, here are some essential upgrades for every RV can benefit from.

Backup Power Supply

Backup power supplies are essential RV upgrades. Although many RV campsites will provide some form of electrical hookup, there will inevitably be instances where you won’t have access to them. There’s always the chance that they will all be in use, or that you traveled to a secluded area. You can use your generator, but this sometimes comes with loud noise and expensive few consumption. Getting a backup power supply called a UPS Unit from your local office supply store can be the answer to this problem for the short term. This device is mostly used to allow computers in offices to continue running when storms or blackouts cut off electricity to the building. But in an RV, they are useful for giving electricity to the small 120-volt appliances you may want to use. They make charging your phone and laptop especially easy, and you can replenish them whenever you connect to shore power or decide to run your generator. A backup power supply will also provide added protection to whatever you plug into it since it’s meant to block the effects of power surges.

High-Pressure Shower Head

One of the main attractions of an RV is that you can take a shower inside it without having to rely on the facilities of whatever site you’re staying at. That is if they have them at all. The problem is, the default showerhead that comes with most all RVs isn’t all that great. The water that comes out is usually weak, making it difficult to wash off all the dirt you may have collected throughout your outdoor excursions. Luckily, it’s affordable and simple to purchase a low flow-high-pressure shower head or handheld that will give you the force you need. Many of these are more efficient, and finding one that has a built-in “on/off’ valve will allow you to easily take a “military shower” without losing your hot/cold mix ratio, saving you even more water.

Holding Tank Heaters

RVs can stand up to the environment, but they aren’t always suitable for use in cold temperatures right when you get them. Among the most vulnerable parts of the RV are the holding tanks, drain and supply pipes lines, as water will freeze and block and could expand. This effect can create costly damage and stop your running water, or usage of drains and toilet altogether. Your nice showerhead won’t count for much if you have no usable water. This can be a shame, as there are plenty of beautiful, wintery locations to visit, as well as a multitude of wintertime-specific activities you just don’t have access to in the warmth. Or how about when you’re Snowbirding in the South, and want to make a short visit North for the Holidays to see family? Or when the polar vortex is drawn further South and now once warmer climates are now Arctic and freezing!

This is where camper upgrades like RV holding tank heater pads and RV Pipe Heaters come into play. These items warm the different systems you install them on and prevent freezing. The tank heaters from UltraHeat have built-in sensors to regulate the RV Tank’s fluid temperatures so they never get too cold and do not overheat. Once powered ‘on’, they automatically maintain contents between 44°F (6.6°C) and 64°F (17.7°C). You no longer need to worry about losing your bath and kitchen functions in cold weather, nor dealing with the headache of trying to empty your tanks when the contents are frozen solid. So it’s no wonder that additions like these are among the most essential upgrades for every RV.

If RV tank heaters or other water system heaters would help you in your travels, contact UltraHeat today for the original, and best in the industry solutions.

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