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Our goal is to give you a breakdown of each product within our line-up


For more information on how to select, install or operate RV Tank Heaters

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UltraHeat RV Tank Heaters or sometimes also called "RV Tank Pads" or "RV Tank Blanket", come in an assortment based on two basic criteria, the holding capacity of each tank and the voltage you wish to have them operate on.  Each tank heater is designed to keep a properly sized and matched capacity RV holding tank,  fluid down to our internal design benchmark of -11°F (-23.9°C ) just by itself, while being fully exposed to the weather and elements.

You may be a more extreme RV’er and outdoor enthusiast, like some of those that have bravely survived in lower temperatures like -40°F (-40°C) while using our UltraHeat RV heat panels.  Lower temperature protection can be achieved with a few minor modifications or basic add-ons like enclosing the area around your tanks and adding insulation to reduce heat loss and also protect the tank and undercarriage from wind and wind chill. 

Consider skirting in some way to prevent wind from blowing under your unit all together, this will not only aid your tanks and drainage system, it will reduce your heat loss of your main cabin and keep it warmer and less expensive to heat.

Each RV Tank Heater has a built-in sensor to monitor the fluid contents of the tank once power is supplied, this sensor is designed to power cycle the tank heater ‘ON/OFF’ to maintain fluid contents between approx.  44°F (6.7°C) and 64°F (17.8°C).  Turning ‘ON’ at approx. 44° and heating up to approx. 64° and shutting ‘OFF’, allowing contents to cool down and restart the cycle, also saving on power consumption.  Equipped with an easy peel-n-stick backing making these heat panels uncomplicated to install on any RV tank.  

You should note that prior to powering up any UltraHeat system two conditions must be encountered, fluid is present in the areas were you have heaters, and ambient temperatures have fallen to freezing or below and will remain.   These heaters are designed to keep RV holding tanks from freezing and to work only in colder temperatures, operation in warmer temperatures or with no fluids present could damage your system.  Having “Fluids present” is like placing a pot with water on the stove, we rely on the fluids to act like a heat sink and draw the heat into itself and away from the surface were heat is applied.  There must be fluid present within the storage container, volume constant at a minimum to cover the area of the panel’s mounting surface with a little of fluid.


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For more information on how to select, install or operate RV Pipe and Pipe Elbow Heaters

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If you have more than 6” (15cm) of piping between your holding tank and the drainage termination valve or better known as the gate valve, you will need to consider heating this plumbing as well. 

Your gate valve is the lowest point of any RV holding tank system, and the piping between the valve and tank is the first to fill, also the first to freeze due to the lower volume of fluids and no circulation.  Heating only your holding tanks will not extend heat out into the drainage piping more than the mentioned 6”, and once the drain pipe freezes up good luck vacating your tanks, or even worse is a broken pipe due to freeze expansion. 

Most RV manufactures only offer what they refer to as a ‘basic’ tank heating system, only supplying tank heaters and letting the end user decide if they are going to use their unit in cold weather and will need to add-on more protection against freeze-ups after the sale.

These RV pipe heaters or pipe warmers are either ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’, and not controlled by a built-in sensor like our Tank Panels, and can also sustain fluids down to -11°F (-23.9°C) and colder with insulation wrap. These also have an easy peel-n-stick backing for installation simplicity.  We offer these models in only 13.5 VDC, since in most cases they are more exposed and in the open were kids and animals have effortlessness access, higher voltage models may counterpoise their safety from electrical shock.


For more of a breakdown on each model click here or the pictures



Switch Package
Over the years we have addressed many of the other needs associated with the installation of our products.  We offer everything from system switch kits, electronic ambient temperature sensors, gate valve heaters and low voltage smart wire heat cables to 12 gauge wire for use in the wiring installation.      
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