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RV Holding Tank Heaters

RV owners often wonder whether they should purchase an RV holding tank heater, and the answer depends entirely on you! The first (and most obvious) question you should ask yourself when considering purchasing an RV tank heater is whether or not you can reasonably expect to camp in sub-zero temperatures. If you are the type to roam more spontaneously, RV tank heating pads could be an excellent investment in preparedness. If you typically only find yourself in warmer climates, however, maybe you can pass. Regardless of your reasoning, having an RV holding tank heater may prove more beneficial than you might think. 

The Benefits of RV Holding Tank Heating: 

The number one reason individuals retrofit their holding tanks with heating pads is to get year-round use. The fact is, adventurousness isn’t easily contained to a single part of the year or a set list of locations. Road tripping allows RV owners to go anywhere they can drive to; so, having an RV holding tank heater can be a differentiator in deciding whether or not to travel somewhere. What’s more, if there is ever an unexpected weather event that you cannot avoid, the option to turn on your tank’s heater to avoid pipe freezing may come as a welcome relief.  

The Best RV Tank Heating Pads: 

UltraHeat RV Tank heaters, in particular, are an industry-leading brand. Not only is the UltraHeat brand the Original RV Holding Tank Heater to the RV industry, but we’re also considered the industry standard; we set the bar for any other company. Better still, we have a limited lifetime warranty, as well as cold room and field testing to back up our products with data.  

If you have any questions about our RV holding tank heating solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page

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