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Valve Heaters

Retrofit with RV Gate Valve Heaters


 Your RV gate valve is an extremely important component of your RV. If your RV gate valve does not work properly, you can’t vacate your systems. When we talk about RV Gate Valve Heaters, we ask you to think about the “Spare tire for your car or truck”. You don’t use it all the time, however when you need it, you’re glad you have it!  UltraHeat RV gate valve heaters are thought of in much the same way, rarely ever used except when the valve is frozen closed and you’re trying to vacate your systems. It’s essential to utilize an effective gate valve heater to ensure you don’t run into any problems or issues with your RV or camper in cold temperatures. At UltraHeat, we strive to provide our customers with the most-efficient heaters on the market to make sure you avoid any costly or dangerous issues.

Our exclusive UltraHeat RV gate valve heaters are considered to be a “hot” heat panel as they are designed to penetrate the gate valve’s thicker plastic with enough heat to rapidly thaw the frozen tracks.  Because of their high heat, they should only be run for short periods of time.   This is an extremely effective way to thaw your RV’s gate valve quickly. Intended to work primarily with “Valterra” RV holding tank gate valves (the most commonly used within the Industry) or similar models with a smooth and level flat surfaces on the three exterior sides of the gate body itself.  

When retrofitting RV gate valve heaters, you must always be able to control them independently from all the other UltraHeat heaters, with a separate on/off switch (sold separately) just for the gate valves. We recommend installing the switch inside a compartment close to the dump valves, covenant and away from the other Heat Panel manual control switching systems.   

When the weather gets cold, you need a gate valve heater that will ensure your RV’s gate valve performs well. At UltraHeat, we provide only high-quality RV gate valve heaters to ensure your RV works at its best. View our leading gate valve heaters for your RV, today.


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