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Installation Instructions for UltraHeat RV Gate Valve Heater

Outside temperature and mounting surface must be at least 50°F (10°C) when applying tank, pipe, elbow and Gate Valve heaters.



Please read the entire installation instructions before attempting to install the UltraHeat RV Gate Valve Heaters.



Preparation:  Before installing an RV Gate Valve Heater, simply clean the entire valve edge surface with isopropyl alcohol (>90%) and allow to dry. 

Step 1 - Check the placement of the panel on the valve prior to removing paper backing.


Step 2 - Peel the cover paper backing(s) from the adhesive side of the heater.  Place the end of the heater at the top and along one side of the gate valve, centering the heat panel between the edges, wrap the heater around the back and up along the opposite side. 


Step 3 - Press firmly and evenly along the entire surface of the heater, avoid “rubbing” or “squeegee” like actions.  Do not stretch the material.  There must be no gaps on the edges or under the heater. 


Step 4 - Connect the red wire to an independently switched and fused 12 VDC power source. Connect the white wire to the ground.  Use 14 gage wires for all circuit wiring.  Additional Gate Valve heaters must be connected in parallel when added to the same power circuit.  Do not connect to the other UltraHeat Tank or Pipe heating circuits. DO NOT exceed the 15 ampere rating on any circuit and Secure all wiring to avoid damage. 

Once finishing these installation instructions, please take note of the position of which your gate valve has been installed. If installed in the position as shown in this photograph, where the gate valve tower is level or parallel to the ground or even tilted lower, due to the design of the valve water can leak into the tower itself and freeze.  Older seals can allow this to happen, preventing the gate valve heater alone to un-freeze the valve.  If this is occurring, you may have to add an elbow heater (AM-EH-313) wrapped around three sides of the tower body itself to have the ability to completely un-freeze your valve. The correct install position is with the tower slightly or drastically pointing upward.


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