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Spray Adhesives

Acceptable for Repairs on UltraHeat Heaters


  • 3MTM 76 High Tack Adhesive


  • 3MTM  High Strength Adhesive 90


  • 3MTM  Super Trim Adhesive


  • 676 High Performance Spray Adhesive – Russell Products Bristol, IN


  • Bostik Supertak High Performance Spray Adhesive


  • Boring-Smith Super Bond 4H High Temperature, High Strength Adhesive


  • Spray Rite All Purpose Adhesive – Chem Tech, Inc. Bristol, IN


  • STA’-PUT IV Multi-purpose Spray Adhesive SP4M - TACC Rockland, MA


  • STA’-PUT IV Multi-purpose Spray Adhesive SP4H – TACC Rockland, MA


  • Stick Up Heavy Duty All Purpose Adhesive – Beaver Research Co. Portage, MI


  • Sta-Put 2001M Solvent Free Multipurpose Adhesive – ITW Plexus Construction Adhesives


  • WT-HS13 (Can) High Strength Spray Adhesive – Westech Aerosol Corporation, Port Orchard, WA


  • WT-HSC13(Canister) High Strength Spray Adhesive – Westech Aerosol Corporation, Port Orchard, WA




Instructions (Please read completely before you attempt to repair)

This repair must be done where both ambient and tank surface temperatures are greater than 50°F (10°C).  Clean the tank area completely with only using isopropyl alcohol (90% or greater is recommended) and let it completely dry or flash off.  Remove any debris from the pad that you can, and spray both the tank mounting area and the heat panel with the spray adhesive and let air dry to a tack free touch before you attempt to install (like you do with laminate and contact cement). Starting with one of the short sides, place the edge into place and roll the remaining panel into place.  After it’s in place, make sure to firmly press the entire back of mounted panel into place to insure full contact of the area you are repairing.


This a list of products that we have tested and found readily available and suitable as RV heater repair adhesives for any of the UltraHeat brand of products.  These products have been found to handle the higher heat output of our panels, and have an Adhesion Failure rating above 225°F (107°C), with high-tack properties for one-surface bonding applications.  This recommended list does not encompass to all available products on the Market today, just the ones we have tested and found acceptable.  Other examples that offer a high temperature failure rating above 225°F (107°C) and high-tack would in most cases work for repair if any of those on the list cannot be found.  



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