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RV Water Tank Heaters: An Overview

For the unacquainted or those just starting to get into RVing, we should first clarify what exactly an RV water tank heater is. Most typically, these heaters come in some type of pad form that attaches to your holding tank and protects it against freezing when temperatures are below 32F (0C) or colder. Just like any other appliance, it will require energy from wherever you draw power, whether that’s a converter or your vehicle’s battery. 

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to turn on your RV water tank heater when you are expecting temperatures to fall below freezing, in order to best avoid any tank issues. Similarly, it’s also important to note that you should not turn on a tank heater if there is no liquid inside it, as this can cause damage as well. Installation is normally very simple, or a professional can easily complete this process. 

UltraHeat RV Water Tank Heaters 

With more than 30 years in the business, UltraHeat is a particularly excellent choice in retailer for RV tank heaters. In fact, the UltraHeat brand is the Original RV Holding Tank Heater to the RV industry. Not only are UltraHeat tank heaters considered the industry standard, but they are also cold room and field tested to protect against low temperatures. This, in combination with our one-year warranty, allows our valued customers to shop with complete confidence.  

If that wasn’t enough, know that when you buy our RV water tank heaters, you’re among names like Ford Motor, Daimler Chrysler, the U.S. Department of Defense, the Canadian Armed Forces, and the Canadian Provincial and Territorial Governments—they all have used custom versions of our heat panels! 

If you have any questions related to our RV tank heaters, reach out to us via our contact page! We always love answering customer questions. 

Now Celebrating 36+ Years Since Our Introduction to the RV World!

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