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UltraHeat - Easy to Install

RV Holding Tank Heater Installation

What if you already have an RV and wish to retrofit with UltraHeat® heaters? It's so easy you can do it yourself!

Outside temperature must be at a minimum of 50°F (10°C) when applying UltraHeat® peel-n-stick heat panels.

Please read the installation instructions in their entirety and familiarize yourself with your RV’s water system before attempting to install our quality UltraHeat heaters.

RV Holding Tank Heaters:

RV holding tank heater installation is an extremely quick and easy process that is essential to ensure your holding tank functions properly in cold temperatures. We’ve engineered our heaters from only the highest-quality materials so that your RV’s water system is kept warm throughout the entire winter. Learn how to easily install our premier heaters in your RV or motorhome, below.


Installing Basics:


  1. Identify the area where you want to mount a heat panel, prepare the surface, and peel off all paper backings.  Remember that you want the heat panel as close to the drain outlet of a holding tank as possible, and with the power wires running towards the outlet.

  2. Place the Heat Panel onto the Tank Surface, starting at one end or side and roll it into place.

  3. Apply pressure over the entire surface of the Heat Panel to ensure good adhesion.


RV Pipe Heaters:


RV Pipe Elbow Heaters:


RV Gate Valve Heaters:


If you plan to use your RV or motor-home in the winter months, it’s essential you take advantage of a quality RV heater to make sure your holding tanks, pipes, gate valves, and more work properly. At UltraHeat, we provide top-tier RV heating panels to customers worldwide. Our RV holding tank heater installation is a quick and easy process. UltraHeat can cover all your RV’s water and drainage systems heating needs. Browse our quality RV heaters for sale today to find exactly what you need to keep your RV running effectively in cold weather.


Now Celebrating 36+ Years Since Our Introduction to the RV World!

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