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Retrofit RV Tank Heater Pad

Our UltraHeat RV tank heater pads provide unparalleled and exclusive electric heating technology to ensure your holding tanks function at their optimum capacity in the cold. It’s easy to retrofit your RV with water tank heating pads. UltraHeat Tank Heaters prevent the contents of your RV holding tanks from freezing solid when the temperature drops subzero!   They have been cold room and field tested by third party labs, some RV manufacturers along with everyday RVers for proven protection against freezing down to -11°F (-24°C) on totally exposed RV holding tanks with just the RV blanket heater itself attached.

Bolder RVer’s and outdoor enthusiasts have successfully endured and sustained much lower temperatures like -40°F (-40°C) with additional installation modifications and insulation. 


The UltraHeat brand brought the original RV holding tank heating pads to the RV industry. Which we first introduced in 1988, and since 1991 it has been considered the "Industry Standard" by manufacturers and everyone considering cold weather RVing.  Over the years it’s been copied but never beaten in performance and longevity.  Our RV tank heater pads are proudly “Made in the USA” and are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.


To Operate:

Power or switch "on" your RV tank blanket heater when ambient temperatures approach freezing and only with fluid present in volume constant at a minimum to cover the area of the panel’s mounting surface. UltraHeat RV water tank heating pads have a built-in sensor to control and power cycle,  automatically activating when the fluid contents within the tank drop to 44° F (7° C) and deactivate once heated to 64°F (18°C).  This power cycling allows the panel to maintain the fluids between these temperatures, and also reduces the power consumption where this is a concern.


You can easily retrofit your RV tank heater pads to keep your tank contents from entering the “Freezing Zone”.


Power or switch "Off" when ambient temperatures remain above freezing, or when waste tanks are empty.


Browse our high-quality RV holding tank heating pads today to find the best solution to ensure your holding tanks and RV can perform its best in the cold.

Now Celebrating 36+ Years Since Our Introduction to the RV World!

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