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4 Easy Ways To Get Your RV Ready for Summer

4 Easy Ways To Get Your RV Ready for Summer

Spending the summer in your RV is an exciting adventure that we’ll always encourage! With that said, there are a few things you should do to prepare for a season on the road. Explore some of the simple things you can do to ensure that your RV summer road trip is successful!

#1. Start With General Check-Ups and Maintenance

When the time comes to get your RV summer-ready, performing a general check-up and essential maintenance are excellent first steps. This includes examining your wheels and generally investigating to see if you need to maintain anything. Double-check your wall and roof sealants for signs of damage or moisture infiltration. Then, check the pressure and tread on each of your tires.

After that, ensure that you snugly wrench your lug nuts in place. Doing so ensures your wheels are ready for a summer on the road. If your rig has its own engine, it’s essential to look under the hood. Test your battery, top off your fluids, and ensure that all of your parts work correctly.

#2. Clean Out Your Water and Water Tank Systems

General check-ups and maintenance are only part of the equation. Cleaning your water systems is also necessary if you hope to adequately prepare your RV for a summer of fun. This is especially true if you had used antifreeze to keep your pipes, tanks, and pump lines from freezing over the winter. But even if you used other additions, like RV holding tank heating pads, clearing out your water systems is still best practice.

We highly recommend using an RV water tank system flush to complete this task, as these products are more likely to give you the best results. The idea would be to flush out any leftover residue so that you can give your water system a fresh, clean start for the summer.

#3. Wash It and Clean It Out

Of course, we can’t discuss preparing your home on wheels for a new season on the road without mentioning the importance of washing it and cleaning it out. Go through each area of your RV and wipe down each surface. Clean the windows and vacuum the floors and seating. Ensure the bedroom areas are neat. Moreover, make sure there’s no clutter taking up precious space.

Once you finish cleaning the inside, move on to the outside. We know—washing an RV’s exterior can be a hassle. So if you don’t want to do it yourself, take it to a place that can give it a good scrub down. Doing so will allow you to start your summer off with a clean slate.

#4. Test All of Your Appliances

Lastly, be sure that all of your appliances function correctly. Turn on your stove and oven. Run your dishwasher to ensure it works. If you have washers and dryers, double-check that they’re hooked up to your water system correctly, and do the same for your water heater.

Also, make sure your refrigerator cools properly. You get the picture. You wouldn’t want to get on the road to find that one of your appliances isn’t working as it’s supposed to. That’s why it’s crucial to check things out before you hit the road.

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Apr 21, 2023

Use tinting sheets also to make sure the RV remain cool during hot humid conditions. Also, it can protect your windshield from getting cracks also. When i visit repair shop for rv glass repair, i asked them to have window tinting also for windshield protection.


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