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Battery Warmers


Yes we produce LiFePO4 Battery Warmers for most every make, size or voltage battery

  • Complete Systems or Component only

  • Made in America

  • Life of the Battery Warranty

  • Variety of operational voltages

With UltraHeat®

RV Water Systems Anti-Freeze Protection

BBB - It all starts with a company you can trust

We provide a wide selection of heating products for many industries, including heaters for RV holding tanks, RV pipe heaters, and RV gate valve heaters to ensure you can enjoy the use of your RV throughout the winter. Our goal at UHI Worldwide, Inc. is to provide the most effective and simple heating solutions like the UltraHeat brand of RV products to boost your winter weather comfort and enjoyment. Our black RV tank heaters and grey water heaters will keep your waste and wastewater at a safe temperature during your adventures. These premier RV tank heater pads will keep your holding tanks functioning properly in even some of the most extreme freezing temperatures.

Our products are well suited to those who use their RV or Leisure Vehicle either 'Full Time' or just for the occasional outing. Our RV tank heater pads, pipe & elbow heaters, and other related products have had decades of field-tested performance and reliability by other RVers like you, getting them through the coldest of weather without a plumbing freeze-up.

Not every RV tank heater on the market today has the same high performance, or is backed by a limited Lifetime warranty like the UltraHeat brand gives you.  It’s the Brand that actually works!   Ask for UltraHeat brand of products by name when purchasing a new RV from the dealer or manufacturer.  Already own one, retrofit through a trusted local service department or with a little basic knowledge and skills you can do-it-yourself!

Our UltraHeat RV tank heater pads, black tank heaters, grey water heaters, and other products we offer are the leading heating solutions used in the RV Industry and are designed to be extremely easy to install.  When everything is frozen up, and unusable it’s a little late, Outfit your rig today!

Get the peace of mind that your unit is prepared!

Email received:


"I am currently glad I am using UltraHeat products in my fifth wheel rv. It is only 8pm, the temp here in Peyton is already -18 F and dropping, but with your products and some personal insulation mods to the underbelly of my Keystone Raptor - all is well."

Smiley Smith,  Garage Rites, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO

Now Celebrating 36+ Years Since Our Introduction to the RV World!

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