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A New England RV Road Trip Itinerary

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

A New England RV Road Trip Itinerary

The northeast corner of the United States is home to scenic drives, thrilling wilderness, and world-changing history. It’s no wonder why a New England RV trip is on many bucket lists. You can spend weeks exploring all that these states have to offer, but there are a few must-see stops to make on your first New England excursion. To help you start planning your adventure, here are our recommendations for a New England RV road trip itinerary.

Explore Boston, Massachusetts

The unofficial capital of New England is a great place to kick off your road trip. Boston is overflowing with history, art, and beauty. You can spend a few days exploring the gems of this city, including the historic Freedom Trail, Fenway Park, or the New England Aquarium. Plus, Boston provides a centralized location to start your trip. From here, you can travel north to Maine, south to Cape Cod, Rhode Island, or Connecticut, or inland to the mountain forests of New Hampshire or Vermont.

Drive the Coast to Portland, Maine

There are many great ways to see the Atlantic Ocean, but coastal Maine is easily one of the most beautiful experiences in the country. US Route 1 will take you through stunning landscapes and charming seaside port towns. Don’t forget to stop for a few lighthouse pictures along the way. You’ll also want to try the lobster at any of the port towns that dot the coast. Head into Portland to experience the galleries, museums, beaches, and everything else this rich Maine city has to offer.

Head Inland for New Hampshire’s White Mountains

If you want a little more wilderness in your New England RV road trip itinerary, the White Mountains are the place to go. Explore high summits, wide valleys, deep forests, and gorgeous rivers and lakes. For a more thrilling experience, head for the summit of Mount Washington. You can also kick back and enjoy the views with easy hikes or drives throughout the area.

Delve into Vermont’s Green Mountains

If you don’t get your fill of gorgeous mountain ranges in New Hampshire, head west into Vermont. With rolling hills, iconic fall foliage, and picturesque small towns, the entire state is breathtaking to drive through. However, one of the biggest highlights is Green Mountain National Forest. Hit up the hundreds of miles of trails, enjoy a lazy day on the water, or sit back and relax as you watch the park’s abundant wildlife. You can also add snowmobiling and cross-country skiing to your New England RV itinerary if you go in the winter. Just make sure your RV is up for the cold weather by outfitting it with RV tank heating pads and other cold-weather gear from UltraHeat.

Honorable Mentions

These destinations are only the beginning of all that New England has to offer. You can come back again and again and still see something new every time. If you have the time, venture farther into Maine to stay at Acadia National Park. Hit up New England’s southern areas with a stay in lovely seaside Mystic, Connecticut, elegant Newport, Rhode Island, or postcard-worthy Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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