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Why Do You Need To Lubricate Your RV Gate Valve

Why Do You Need To Lubricate Your RV Gate Valve

Part of keeping your RV in excellent shape is ensuring that your gate valve functions correctly. And you’d be surprised at the massive impact lubricating it periodically can make. Now, you might be asking, “why do you need to lubricate your RV valve, and what difference will it make?” Luckily, we’ve laid out a few answers to those questions in this brief overview.

It’s an Essential Part of Maintenance

First and foremost, because your gate valve is so essential to your RV’s functionality, lubricating it as needed is a necessary aspect of regular maintenance. While it might just be a small piece of plastic, your gate valve has the mighty responsibility of keeping your wastewater tanks in good shape and ensuring proper drainage.

And without a properly working gate valve, you run the risk of leaks, drainage blocks, and harmful build-up in your gray and black tanks. Therefore, lubricating your valve when the situation calls for it is crucial to the longevity of this tiny part, ensuring that it can do its job as effectively as possible.

It Keeps the Valve From Sticking

But, specifically, why do you need to lubricate your gate valve? Well, for one, an adequately lubricated valve is far less likely to get stuck open. When your gate valve sticks open, it can’t mitigate the flow of fluids coming from your waste tanks. As a result, you’ll have some nasty, challenging leakage to deal with. It’s also worth noting that your gate valve is just as likely to stick shut if not properly lubricated.

And this issue can keep you from being able to drain your wastewater tanks, which leads to harmful build-up and overall depreciation of both your tanks and your gate valve. So don’t underestimate the power of lubricating your gate valve. Taking this extra step can save you a lot of time, money, and trouble.

It Prevents the Valve From Freezing

Lubricating your gate valve can also be a lifesaver when you’re traveling through frigid temperatures. Using lubricant periodically as you traverse snowy or icy weather can protect it from freezing shut, which will inevitably cause blockages and harmful build-up in your tanks.

However, for the lubricant to be optimal, it’s wise to procure an RV gate valve heater as an extra cautionary measure to keep things from freezing over. Plus, it’s usually a good idea to double-check your gate valve periodically as you travel through cold temperatures. You’ll want to ensure that the lubricant is performing at its highest level and not suffering due to the cold.

Ensuring that each part of your RV is working correctly will keep it in excellent condition. And even if you’re lubricating your gate valve, giving each area of your RV a bit of TLC when needed can have a significant impact on its longevity and functionality.

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