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When To Turn on Your RV Tank Heater: How Cold Is Too Cold

When To Turn on Your RV Tank Heater: How Cold Is Too Cold

Planning ahead is the key to success as an RVer. A lot of unexpected things can happen when you live or travel in an RV. The weather can be unpredictable and road conditions can change quickly. And some destinations are so exciting that you stay there longer than you initially planned. These surprises are easier to handle when you plan and prepare for anything. One crucial measure to take is to purchase and install winterization gear such as tank, pipe, and gate valve heaters. By preparing for cold weather early, you can travel with peace of mind all year long.

However, it’s not enough to install RV heating pads. You need to know how this equipment works and when you should use your heating pads to keep your water system safe. Read on to learn more about when to turn on your RV tank heater and other best practices with this guide.

The Importance of Your RV Tank Heater

Not every RVer needs heating pads for their holding tanks. If you only travel in the summer and store your RV long before the weather gets cold, this is an unnecessary investment. Similarly, if you’re a snowbird who takes your vehicle south to warmer climates before the temperature dips below freezing, you also don’t need heating pads or other winterization products. Still, RV tank heaters are some of the most essential tools in your vehicle. UltraHeat RV tank heaters keep your holding tanks from freezing solid in the cold. This allows you to continue using your RV’s water system no matter what the weather is like. To prevent burst pipes and other damage from extreme temperatures be sure to add pipe and elbow heater to all water supply and drain lines.

When To Turn on Your RV Tank Heater

Once your RV holding tank heating pads are in place, keep an eye on the weather. Turn the heaters on whenever the temperature approaches freezing. The built-in sensors on the heaters will automatically start the power cycle before your holding tanks get cold enough to freeze. When temperatures rise and stay well above freezing, you can turn the heaters off again. Additionally, make sure your holding tanks are at least partially full when you turn on the heaters. RV tank heaters can damage an empty tank, so turn them off when you empty your holding tanks and back on again when you fill them once more.

Proper usage of RV tank heaters keeps your vehicle safe, and your travels stress free. If you plan on taking your RV out in cold temperatures this year, start preparing now by purchasing and installing heating pads from UltraHeat. Our superior technology—combined with other winterization measures—will help you make the most of your RV all year long.

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