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How To Protect Your RV Holding Tanks From Freezing

How To Protect Your RV Holding Tanks From Freezing

When you travel in the winter, you need to make sure your RV is ready for the extreme temperatures. Just as you would pack your coat, hat, and gloves, you need to equip your vehicle with all the right supplies to stay warm and functional. One of the biggest areas to focus on is your water system—especially the holding tanks. Discover how to protect your RV holding tanks from freezing with these expert tips.

Know Where Your Tanks Are

As you prepare your RV for winter, make sure you know where your holding tanks are located on the vehicle. Tanks that are above floor level—as is the case with many Class B motor homes—are further away from the cold ground or frigid drafts. Tanks on the outside or underbelly of your RV, however, are much more susceptible to freezing. Installing an RV skirt can help insulate your RV’s underbelly and keep those exterior tanks warm. Knowing how vulnerable your holding tanks are will help you decide on the best ways to protect them.

Follow Best Practices for Dumping

A big part of how to protect your RV holding tanks from freezing is to simply follow best practices when you dump, clean, and otherwise maintain your tanks. Full tanks are less likely to freeze, so try to only dump your tanks when they’re full. Additionally, double-check your gate valves every time you dump to ensure everything is closed and sealed tightly. This will help prevent leaks, which can freeze in low temperatures and cause damage to your valves, pipes, and tanks.

Get Ready for Winter With UltraHeat

Maintaining your tanks and insulating your RV will go a long way, but the best way to ensure your tanks stay safe this winter is with RV holding tank heaters from UltraHeat. Simply attach the heating pads to your holding tanks and power them on when temperatures approach freezing. The built-in sensor will control the power cycle and heat your tanks as needed.

All of UltraHeat’s heating pads are easy to retrofit, which means it only takes a little bit of effort to get ready for winter travel. Stay warm and cozy this winter when you protect your RV with quality products from UltraHeat.

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