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How To Create a Productive Workspace in Your RV

How To Create a Productive Workspace in Your RV

When you live in an RV full-time, you need a way to make money. Many full-time RVers have remote jobs—such as blogging, web design, and other online opportunities—that allow them to work from anywhere. Even with a remote job, however, you still need a space where you can set up your laptop, eliminate distractions, and get things done. This is often easier said than done, especially when traveling in an RV. With so many beautiful and fascinating locations right outside your door, it can be hard to focus on your workday. A dedicated workspace, however, can help. Learn how to create a productive workspace in your RV and make the most out of your remote job.

Focus on Comfort

No matter where you work, your office space should be comfortable. One of the best tips for how to create a productive workspace in your RV is to make an area that you enjoy spending time in. Invest in a foldable, ergonomic desk chair so that you can stay comfortable even in a smaller space. Create a productive and comfortable atmosphere by having your favorite music, snacks, and a water bottle on hand. Make sure the rest of your RV is comfortable as well. An RV that gets too hot, too cold, or doesn’t have running water makes it much harder to focus. Equip your RV for any kind of weather by maintaining your AC system, purchasing space heaters, and outfitting your water system with RV holding tank heaters.

Space Issues

RVs often come with limited space, so setting up an area solely for work can be difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative desk designs and storage solutions that can give you the space you need without making the rest of the RV feel crowded. Lap desks or foldable stands make it easy to set your laptop anywhere without taking up too much room. These tools provide you with workable areas without taking up any of your RV’s space.

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