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A Step-by-Step Guide for UtraHeat Holding Tank RV Installation

A Step-by-Step Guide for UtraHeat Holding Tank RV Installation

Without holding tanks, your RV’s water system is useless. If your old tanks break down, you’ll need to remove them to make room for a replacement. Fortunately, holding tank installation is a relatively straightforward process that many RVers can do on their own. Before you begin, make sure you have the proper instructions and owner’s manuals for your RV, your new water pump, and each of your new holding tanks. When in doubt, always call an RV repair professional to ensure a safe and accurate installation. If you choose to install your own water tanks, follow this step-by-guide for UltraHeat holding tank RV installation.

Sketch Your RV Layout

Before you begin the installation process, draw your RV design. This sketch will help you identify the best location for your tanks. Outline your RV, including any plumbing fixtures inside and outside of the vehicle. Pay special attention to toilets, sinks, and shower fixtures. Use this information to find an ideal place for each tank. Your black water tank should sit beneath the toilet. A gray water tank works well between the sink and shower. Finally, your freshwater tank should sit close to the center of your RV’s water system, as this will make it easier to hook up to the shower, sinks, and toilet.

Mount Your Freshwater Pump

Once you have a plan for your holding tanks, your next step is to mount your freshwater pump between your freshwater plumbing and your freshwater tank. This pressurizes the water that flows through your shower, faucets, and toilet. Refer to the pump’s instructions and owner’s manual to ensure proper installation. Pay close attention to the type and gauge of wire you need for the pump. If you run into trouble, remember that you can ask a professional for help.

Mount Your Water Tanks

Once the water pump is in place, you can mount your water tanks. The size of each tank will depend on your individual needs as a traveler. Consider how far you usually travel between campgrounds and dumping facilities. Just like with the water pump, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing each tank. If you have large water tanks, be sure to install support bars or straps to help the tanks stay in place as you travel.

Install Holding Tank Heaters for Winter Travel

Once you’ve completed this step-by-step guide for UltraHeat holding tank RV installation, you need to maintain your water tanks. If you live in a colder climate or want to travel outside of the summer season, you’ll need holding tank heaters. If you make RV holding tank heater installation part of your general installation process, you’ll be prepared when cold weather comes around. To install your holding tank heaters, choose an area of the tank close to the drain outlet. Peel off the paper backings on the heater, press the heater to your tank, and apply pressure to ensure secure adhesion. With your holding tanks and heating pads in place, you’re ready to take your RV anywhere.

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