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8 Best RV Destinations To Visit in the Winter

8 Best RV Destinations To Visit in the Winter

Though most RVers tend to stick to warm destinations, you do not have to let the cold limit your travel. When you have the right equipment in your RV, winter can open up an entirely new world of beautiful and exciting vacation spots. See some of the nation’s most iconic locations without the usual crowds. Curl up in the mountains to watch the peaceful snowfall. Gather around a campfire and enjoy the holidays in the warmth and familiarity of your home away from home. Make this coming season unforgettable when you travel to any of these best RV destinations to visit in the winter.

Hot Springs National Park

What is the draw of Hot Springs, Arkansas? It is right there in the name. The natural thermal springs offer a luxurious experience that is perfect during the cold and snow of winter. The area has been a popular destination since the early 20th century, which means there is also plenty of history to explore during your stay. Stay in the park at Gulpha Gorge Campground, which has full hook-up sites and makes it easy to explore the mountain, forest, and river trails that wind through the area. You can also park at the KOA just minutes from the national park.

Estes Park

If beautiful winter views are your thing, Colorado is the place to be. One of the best spots to visit in the winter is Estes Park, one of the main entry points for Rocky Mountain National Park. The park features many great winter activities. Less vegetation makes it easier to spot elk, moose, and other iconic wildlife. You can also visit Hidden Valley for some top-tier sledding. Estes Park itself also holds endless fun and charm. This cute mountain town is bursting with incredible breweries, restaurants, and mom-and-pop shops. Book your stay at Manor RV Park to be close to all the winter wonder Estes Park has to offer.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a staple on many an RV bucket list—and for good reason. With stunning canyon views, incredible wildlife, and truly unique sights like the Old Faithful geyser and the Grand Prismatic Spring, there is no wrong time to visit Yellowstone. Traveling in the winter is an unforgettable experience. The geysers create clouds of billowing steam against a snowy landscape. You will not have to deal with the masses of tourists, as the park is much quieter during its winter off-season. The lack of crowds and the serenity of the snow create an almost mystical landscape. As the forest falls silent and the wildlife comes out to play, you will find yourself imagining what the area must have looked like a hundred years before.

White Mountain National Forest

When you think of snow-covered alpine forests and excellent ski destinations, do you think of New Hampshire? The answer is probably no, but do not let that turn you away. Though lesser known, the White Mountains in New Hampshire offer some of the most gorgeous snowy landscapes and winter fun you can find. Skiers of all skill levels can try the slopes or cross-country trails. Snowshoeing and snowmobiling are also popular pastimes in the area. Stay at the family-oriented Apple Hill Campground for year-round full hook-up sites. You can also rough it within the national forest itself at one of their dry camping sites.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Red rock formations are always a spectacular sight, but they become even more fascinating after a fresh dusting of snow. You can experience such a sight at Bryce Canyon in Utah, where the iconic hoodoos—spire-shaped rock formations—gather the freshly fallen snow. While snowstorms can close some trails and cancel activities, winter brings an entirely new experience to the park. Explore the snowshoeing or cross-country skiing trails throughout the canyon. You can stay directly within the park, which offers several year-round RV sites. Even if you’ve visited Bryce Canyon during other times of the year, the colder temperatures, gorgeous snowfall, and cheaper, off-season rates make it worth a return trip.

Grand Canyon National Park

Like many national parks on this list, Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona transforms during the winter months. Without the usual tourist congregations, you can experience the Grand Canyon the way it was meant to be seen: surrounded by utter beauty and tranquility. While the North Rim is closed during the winter, the South Rim still offers plenty of unforgettable views. Catch the canyon after a heavy snowfall or visit on chilly days to see a more active wildlife population. Park your rig within the national park or stay a little further away at Grand Canyon Railway Park. The latter is bursting with amenities and attractions, including the historic Grand Canyon Railway that you can take to the South Rim of the canyon.

Carolina Beach State Park

Carolina Beach in North Carolina offers comfortable temperatures during the day to explore, and perfect bonfire weather at night. While it may not get as cold as other destinations on this list, the location and beautiful coastal views make it one of the best RV destinations to visit in the winter. Wander through boardwalks and forested paths or spend the day admiring the view from the pale, beautiful beaches along the coast. In addition to hiking trails, the park is home to bountiful fishing opportunities, and the campground itself is a wonderfully cozy hideaway among pine and oak trees. Book a spot and reserve a stay at this great getaway.

Mounthaven Resort

Nestled among snow-covered cedar trees is the well-maintained and picturesque Mounthaven Resort. This Ashford, Washington location offers year-round access to the Nisqually Entrance to Mount Rainier. It is one of only two ways to access the mountain in the winter, making it the perfect way to experience Mount Rainier National Park this season. The area regularly receives more than 50 feet of snowfall a year, so be prepared to bundle up and snuggle by the fire. There are ample skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing opportunities throughout the area. All in all, Mounthaven Resort is the perfect RV destination for anyone who wants to experience winter at its fullest potential.

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8 Best RV Destinations To Visit in the Winter

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