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7 Tips for Working From Your RV

7 Tips for Working From Your RV

In the past year, thousands of businesses and companies have tackled the challenges of remote work. Some companies and positions have found so much success that they plan on offering work from home options permanently, even after it’s safe to gather in offices again. Many professionals prefer working remotely because of the flexibility it offers. Furthermore, remote work is perfect for anyone who runs their own business or creates their own schedule. It’s also a brilliant opportunity for anyone who loves to travel. That’s why many professionals and RVers alike have begun the adventure of working while on the road. Working remotely from an RV helps you balance your rewarding job with an adventurous lifestyle. There are a few ways to ensure success and preserve your work-life balance while on the road. Whether you want to work safely during the COVID-19 pandemic or plan on taking your job on the road permanently, here are seven tips for working from your RV.

Establish a “Commute”

Working remotely often means you get to skip your daily commute. While this certainly helps save gas money, it can make it difficult to wake up and be productive first thing in the morning. A morning commute gives you time to wake up, get ready, and brace yourself for the day. If you start your day by simply rolling out of bed and opening your laptop, you might have trouble focusing and being productive during the first few hours of your workday. Make sure you preserve that morning commute time. Even if you’re not actively traveling to your workspace, you can set up a morning routine that gives you time to wake up and get ready. Sit down and savor a cup of coffee, read the morning news, or even go on a quick morning walk. These activities will give your body and your mind time to wake up before you have to sit down and focus on work.

Create a Schedule

The need for time management doesn’t change just because you’re on the road. It’s important to figure out your workday and schedule the time you need to get everything done. Even if you can work entirely on your own schedule—with no boss or coworkers to coordinate with—you need to keep track of your time. This will help you make space in your day for both work and fun. Remember to share your schedule with the people you’re traveling with as well. Make sure everyone knows the hours when you will be in meetings or will need absolute focus. This will make it easier to coordinate with your companions so that you can find peace and quiet when you need it.

Find Your Office Space

No matter where you are, one of the best tips for working remotely is to create a dedicated workspace. By setting aside a specific area for you to work, you establish consistency in your workday. This can be particularly useful when you’re constantly traveling to new and exciting areas. If your specific office space doesn’t change, it’s easier to switch to a productive and focused mindset whenever you need to work. Your idea office space will depend on how you work. You might take up a corner of the RV itself, find a favorite place in the campground, or even visit a local library or coffee shop during the day. It doesn’t matter where you work best, as long as you find and stick to an area that works for you.

Internet Is Key

As you set up your office space, establishing a reliable internet connection should be a priority. Without fast and dependable internet, your workday can get incredibly frustrating. Even if you can log on to check your email, you might not be able to hop on video calls or run the software you need to complete your daily work. Make sure you have the tools and services you need to support your work. Unlimited data on your phone plan can give you internet access in remote areas. You can also use tools like Wi-Fi extenders or antennas to improve your reach and signal as you travel.

Dress for Success

When no one else can see your office attire, it’s tempting to dress comfortably. However, you should still be mindful of your appearance. You never know when an unexpected meeting or video call will catch you off guard. You want to look professional and put together just in case. Furthermore, dressing well will help you get into the work mindset. It’s much easier to perform at your best when you look your best. You don’t have to put on heels or a suit, but cleaning up and making yourself look presentable will help you feel good and productive every time you sit down to focus.

Make a Plan for Every Season

If you plan on working full-time in your RV, you have to be ready for any kind of weather. Will your internet connection hold up on stormy days? Is your RV ready for winter weather? Do you have time off saved up so you can take advantage of those perfect sunny days? RV life is adventurous, so you should be prepared to work in all kinds of weather, locations, and conditions. It’s particularly important to make a plan for cold weather. Some full-time RVers prefer to travel south so they never have to deal with frigid temperatures. If you plan on traveling in the cold, make sure you have the right winterization products. UltraHeat heating pads for your holding tanks, pipes, and RV gate valves can help protect your water system and prevent freezes, cracks, and ruptures. On top of RV heating products, make sure you have an RV skirt for insulation, space heaters to keep the interior warm, and RV maintenance tools to keep your vehicle in good shape throughout the season.

Travel Slowly

When you work remotely, you often have more control over your schedule. Similarly, traveling in an RV gives you more control over where you go, when you leave, and how long you spend there. One of the best tips for working from your RV full-time is to move slowly from location to location. Take your time at each destination. This will keep you from feeling rushed or missing something you really want to see. It will also help you focus at work. If you have a few weeks to explore your current location, you won’t feel bad sitting down during the day to get some work done. After all, you have plenty of time to adventure in the afternoons and on weekends. Meanwhile, if you have to leave after only a few days, you might spend your workday worrying about all the adventures you’re missing out on. Whenever you make the itinerary for your RV travels, be sure to leave plenty of time for both work and play at each location.

7 Tips for Working From Your RV

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