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Elbow and gate valve Heaters

UltraHeat® Elbow Heater
Below Freezing

UltraHeat® Elbow Heaters prevent pipe elbows in the drainage system from freezing when the temperature is freezing and lower!

Gate Valves are notorious for freezing up in cold weather, even if the Tanks and Drainage pipes are heated. UltraHeat® Gate Valve Heaters are the ideal solution, designed to wrap around three sides of the RV gate valve and be independently switched (available separately)from the other waste system heat panels. Just power "on" 10 minutes prior to dumping  (as needed), this heat panel will provide the heat needed to un-freeze the glide tracks of a standard knife blade gate valve, allowing the RV'er to vacate the heated waste tanks and drainage pipes in cold weather.

UltraHeat® Elbow and Gate Valve Heaters are sized for 1.5" and 3" (3.81 and 7.62 cm) pipes and are not controlled by a built-in sensor.