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RV Fresh water Supply Line Pipe Heater

AM – PH513 RV Supply Line Pipe Heater


For a 1/2" diameter  (1.3cm) fresh water supply line

13.5 VDC
Length: 12" (30.5cm),
Amperage Draw: 2.3 Amps


Fresh water supply lines are always the first to freeze due to their smaller diameter and low volume of fluids, in most cases this line will extend from the fresh water holding tank directly up and through the cabin floor, leaving only approx. 12” to 14” (30.5 – 35.6 cm) exposed to cold weather.  This little heat panel is perfect for protecting this line against freezing.  Please note that the type of line in use must be a harder plastic style similar to Pex and not vinyl or vinyl reinforced, the vinyl cannot accept the heat output of the heat panels and will fail.  If your supply line is longer, two or more panels can be used to protect the line, spacing no more than 2” (5 cm) between the panels.  For additional protection against cold weather, we would recommend insulating over the heat panels using any type of type insulation designed for high heat applications and/or carries a Class A or Class 1 fire rating (Please read our answered questions found on our FAQ page for more info).


Like all of the RV heat panels we offer, these should only be powered up under the two conditions of colder freezing weather conditions and with fluid present within. 



UltraHeat RV heaters has an easy peel-n-stick backing using our proprietary adhesive formula, designed not to breakdown and ultimately fail and release like most on the market,  in fact ours increases its adhesion properties in the ageing process.  The method in which our adhesive is applied also gives it a stronger molecular concentration, far superior to the secondary adhesion process most commonly used.  All reasons which is why we are not surprised to hear of reported heat panels still attached and functional after decades of use.




Now Celebrating 36+ Years Since Our Introduction to the RV World!

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