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UltraHeat Model 4800 RV Holding Tank Heater

AM – Model 4800 RV Tank Heater


Up to 75 Gal. (284 Liters)


Size: 12" x 24" (30.5cm x 61cm)

Amperage Draw:  1.7Amps


As holding tanks being used in the RV Industry continue to increase in capacity, larger heat panels were needed to prevent freezing, the Model 4800 was conceived.  This model came along based on consumer demand due to how some RVer’s use their units.  Many stated that they hardly ever moved their RV in the cold weather seasons, remained parked and plugged in the entire time.


They stated that they would prefer to have a 120 VAC only heat panel, This heat panel displaces approximately the same amount to heat as its 13.5 VDC counterpart the Model 2400, is also controlled by the same type of built-in sensor to monitor and maintain the holding tank fluids between approx... 44°F and 64°F (6.6° & 17.7°C) and is also designed to meet our -11°F (-24°C) protection against freezing like all of our other tank heaters. 


Power is supplied through a 15 foot power cord with a molded plug at the end to allow the user to just plug and unplug into a recommended GFCI protected circuit to control the power.  If you prefer to have it hardwired through one of our accessory switch kits sold separately, the molded plug can be cut off without voiding the product warrantee. 


Like all of our other RV heaters, this panel has an easy peel-n-stick backing using our proprietary adhesive formula, designed not to breakdown and ultimately fail and release like most on the market,  in fact ours increases its adhesion properties in the ageing process.  The method in which our adhesive is applied also gives it a stronger molecular concentration, far superior to the secondary adhesion process most commonly used.  All reasons which is why we are not surprised to hear of reported heat panels still attached and functional after decades of use.


Now Celebrating 36+ Years Since Our Introduction to the RV World!

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