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UltraHeat 0900 RV Tank Heater

AM – Model 0900 RV Tank Heater


Up to 22 Gal. (83 Liters)


Size: 7 1/4" x 12" (18.4cm x 30.5cm)

Amperage Draw: 4.1 Amps


The model 0900 was designed to be used in the North American Class ‘B’ Motorhomes.


This Model is similar in size and design of one of our most popular models widely used in Europe for both Caravan and Motorhomes.  Europe, where 80 % of all Mobile Vacation Vehicles are smaller motorized units like our North American Class B’s, both typically have much smaller holding tanks with volumes around 15 to 18 gallons (57 to 68 Liters). 


As this this type of RV became more popular in the Americas,  more requests were made for this type of Tank Heater or Tank Blanket, thus the Model 0900.   This model has a little thicker foam backing like some of our other models to aid in protection against water and road debris kick up since these types of motorhomes usually have open underbellies and are fully exposed to the elements.  And like all of our other Tank Heaters, have been designed to maintain a correctly sized panel to RV holding tank capacity,  fluid down to -11°F (-24°C), lower temperatures can be sustained with additional installation modifications and insulation. .  It has a built-in sensor to monitor and maintain the holding tank fluids between approx... 44°F and 64°F (6.6° & 17.7°C), once powered up under the two conditions of colder freezing weather conditions and with fluid present within the tank.


Like all of our other RV heaters, this panel has an easy peel-n-stick backing using our proprietary adhesive formula, designed not to breakdown and ultimately fail and release like most on the market,  in fact ours increases its adhesion properties in the ageing process.  The method in which our adhesive is applied also gives it a stronger molecular concentration, far superior to the secondary adhesion process most commonly used.  All reasons which is why we are not surprised to hear of reported heat panels still attached and functional after decades of use.





Now Celebrating 36+ Years Since Our Introduction to the RV World!

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