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Save $ with Tank Heaters Answers before you buy FAQ      Easy to retrofit Ducted vs ultraheat


What if you already have an RV and wish to retrofit with UltraHeat® heaters? It's so easy you can do it yourself!

Please read the entire assortment installation instructions before attempting to install the UltraHeat®  Heaters.

Outside temperature must be at min. 50°F (10°C) when applying UltraHeat® heat panels.

Installing Basics:

  1. Identify the area were you want to mount a heat panel, prepare the surface, peel off all paper backings.  Remember that you want the heat panel as close to the discharge portal of a holding tank as possible, and wires running towards the portal.
  2. Place the Heat Panel onto the Tank Surface, starting at one end or side and sort of rolling into place.
  3. Apply pressure over the entire surface of the Heat Panel to ensure adhesive bond.
  4. Electrical Installation

  5. Electrical Installation

    Typical wiring diagram for 13.5 Tank/Pipe/Elbow heater system