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Save $ with Tank Heaters Answers before you buy FAQ      Easy to retrofit Ducted vs ultraheat


EFFECTIVE USE 4 SEASONS: Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter Only in temperatures +20° F (-7°C) or above. Any time temperatures drop to +32°F (0°C) or below, tanks/pipes will freeze.
Easy to Use Power Switch "ON" OR "OFF."  Once "on", tank heaters  will automatically power cycle under Sensor Control:
   Keeping tank contents between 44° F (+ 7° C) and
   64° F (+18° C)
Continuous running RV Furnace. No Furnace--No freeze-up protection.
Maintenance No Maintenance- Check each season for damaged panels, blown fuses, loose wires. Additional PROPANE fuel required for good running furnace.
Operating Expense
NO Additional COST, can operate while traveling down the road, or while plugged in. 
Furnaces operates off the internal temperature of the RV. To protect the holding tanks in the underbelly, the furnace needs to operate to provide heat to the underbelly. Excessive amounts of propane are required to keep heat blowing on the tank and pipes.
Cold Weather Protection TESTED TO: Minus - 11° F (-24° C) Cold Room Tested - Third-Party Certified PROTECTED ONLY TO approx.  +20°F (-7° C)
Smells/Odor NO ODOR - DRY HEAT Forcing moist heat from the furnace into a dark, poorly vented area will eventually develop mold, creating smell and allergy possibilities.
Heat Power Source Heaters work on both DC (13.5 Volt) on the road from vehicle power source or connected to Shore Line through converter. Furnace must be in FULL continuous operation.
When you BUY...Hidden COST? No HIDDEN cost. Comes as standard from some Manufacturers, as option from other OEMs. Hidden Additional cost in labor, installing cold air returns and extra ducts for underbelly system called "forced air/duct heating."
Product WARRANTY One year (1) Manufacturer Warranty. Extended warranties available here. Warranty only as covered by the Manufacturer of furnace installed in the unit.
RV RETRO-FIT UHI Heaters are EASY to install on any RV, new or used. Additional heaters (Peel and Stick) require less labor. Complete redesign of furnace and water drainage system may be required by the Dealer or do-it-yourselfer.
RV UNIT VALUE High - Resale value with heaters installed - Cold Weather Use
TRIED and TRUE products, RV Standard to use since 1991.
NOT EFFECTIVE when used in Cold Weather lower than +20° (-7° C) temperatures.
FREEZE-UPS OOPS! Forgot to turn on the power switch? Freeze-Up occurs!!! UltraHeatŪ Heaters will thaw out your system without addition cost/fee for professional services. Will NOT thaw out a frozen drainage system! Additional cost to make unit useable.