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Save $ with Tank Heaters Answers before you buy FAQ      Easy to retrofit Ducted vs ultraheat

Before You Buy Your RV -
Consider these questions!

Can I use this RV year round (summer, spring, fall & winter)?

First, you’ll need electrically heated holding tanks installed on your drainage system to use your plumbing in cold weather.  For extended use in cold weather seasons, other upgrades may have to be added based on Model and Manufacture of the unit.  Consider where you live, travel, and in what climates you plan on using your RV prior to buying.

Look at the fresh water line routings, are they running straight up into the cabin or across and below the floor?  Anything below floor will freeze if not protected when using an RV in cold weather, and long fresh water basement runs may get to be cost prohibitive to guard against freezing.

Consider double pane windows, and look at the "R" rating of the side walls, floor and ceiling. Just like your home, a poorly insulated unit will take more to heat or cool, and will be less comfortable to use. Did the Manufacture consider and design this Unit for possible four seasons?

Educate yourself on what's available, look at the RVing blogs; visit other sites like this one.  An informed buyer is a smart one!  Getting an RV that meets your needs or one that can easily be retro-fitted to do so,  will be less expensive and more gratifying in the long run.  

What needs to be protected from freezing in the RV when it is  used in cold weather?

  • Fresh Water Tank (drinking water) plus exposed water lines below floor.
  • Gray Water Tank (kitchen sink/shower water) plus straight pipes and elbows between tank and gate valve.
  • Black or Sewage Tank (bathroom waste) plus straight pipes and elbows between tank and gate valve.
  • Discharge Gate Valves.

When an RV is used in cold weather, internal cabin heat should keep the in-cabin plumbing from freezing.  If you cold store an RV, you must still winterize your unit. UltraHeat® systems are designed to function when the RV or Caravan is in use.

The experience of cold weather RVing will reveal other areas that may have to be addressed, like the drain trap of your shower or tub basin.  We suggest in principal to best prepare your unit, then take short local runs versus extended trips at first to gain this knowledge. Anyone that has camped or RV'd, will tell you that there are always lessons to be learned, in freezing temperatures we recommend  beginning a education close to home! 

Are Electric Holding Tank Heaters standard equipment?

Most RV and Caravan manufacturer's offer UltraHeat® systems as either standard equipment or a stand alone option.  Some offer as part of a package ( Arctic package, Glacial package, etc.). Before you purchase your New RV or Caravan, ask your dealer if the holding tanks have  UltraHeat® as an O.E.M. standard or unit option.

Just having "Heating Pads" installed doesn't mean they are UltraHeat®  heaters.  Because we're so popular, we have been flattered with overseas knockoffs that some RV Manufactures are willing to use.  They cost less, and are less efficient because they produce a much smaller amount of heat. In most case scenarios it will take two or three of their heat panels to accomplish what one of our heat panels will do.  

These Manufactures are still able to advertise and charge the same amount of dollars for "Heated Tanks", which in most cases are covered up within an enclosed underbelly.  They think you'll never know the difference, until you need them and it's too late, you own it! 

And "NO" the damage isn't covered under their Warrantee!

It still is a buyer beware market, insist on UltraHeat® by name and in writing!

Proudly Made in the U.S.A., by an American Company, supporting the American Worker and Supply Chains!

The RV I'm looking at has an enclosed underbelly with air from the furnace blowing into the area around the holding tanks in place of Electric Heat Panels. Do I still need to use UltraHeat® Holding Tank and Pipe Heaters?

Ducted heat into the underbelly is only effective when the furnace is continually running, and only effective down to temperatures around the mid 20's°F (-6°C).   RV's that try to use forced air to heat the underbelly will typically use a 2" or 4" flexible duct directly under the furnace to heat the entire underbelly. This would be like trying to heat the bedroom of your RV with the door shut and the only heat vent located in the living room.

The temperature control for the furnace is located in the cabin, not below the floor in the basement, once the better insulated and protected cabin space is warmed up to the desired heat the furnace shuts off.  Who knows what the temperature is around the holding tanks, was it enough to stop a freeze-up, and how long will the heat last with the furnace off?   What if you are using Electric Space Heaters, not Propane to conserve fuel and cost?

Something else for you to consider; forcing moist heat from the propane furnace into a cold, dark and poorly vented area of the enclosed basement will produce condensation (look at your cabin windows). The perfect environment to eventually develop the mold organism, and create an odor and allergy possibilities. Does this sound like a healthy influence to you?

These are just a few of the many reasons why UltraHeat® Heat Panels are still necessary!  Giving your RV's system of holding tanks, pipes and gate valves protection from freezing down to -11°F (-24°C) and lower with additional modifications. 

The right heat, right were it's needed, it's UltraHeat®

Is there any maintenance on these heaters?

Inspect your unit periodically for damage, loose wires, etc..  UltraHeat® heat panels are designed to function and have a proven track record of 12 plus years of operation and use.  

Why UltraHeat® Electric Heat Panels?

This brand of  heaters has been recognized as the North American RV Industry Standard since 1991.  Products have been Tested and listed Certified for RV and Caravan use by testing labels (UL, CSA, QAI, CE, etc.) for the USA, Canada, Europe and others Worldwide.  The use of  UltraHeat® Heaters ensures your year around useability of your unit, adds to your Unit's value and is one of the most highly recommended and requested by name options.

More importantly, they work!  Don't use your Unit in Cold Weather with out them. 

Where can I buy these heaters?
  • Consult with your local Dealer, and order by name as an O.E.M. option on any New RV or Caravan. 

  • RV Service Centers can install UltraHeat® aftermarket heat panels on any New or Used Unit.   (We recommend looking for RVIA Certified Technicians advertised)   

  • Buy direct and self install:  Shop Online.