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Company Profile

Joe Soptich

Joseph Soptich

Company Founder

Joe to everyone, noticed how many people wanted to extend the use of their Recreational Vehicle to year round and cold weather enjoyment.  Snow skiing, snowmobiling, hunting and may other activates were becoming just another reason families and persons would like to use their units.  Cold weather caused holding tanks and exposed pipes to freeze-up, leaving the utilities useless.    

Joe passed away on June 3, 2005, but he developed a great program that today remains the RV Industry's leading design to prevent tank and pipe freeze-ups.   His "Full Contact" RV Holding Tank Heater Panels quickly gained UL approval and has met the standards for other stringent independent third party safety testing and listings needed for different International Markets.  In 1991, Joe incorporated Ultra-Heat, Inc. and located it right in the middle of the nation's largest RV manufacturing base, Elkhart Indiana.

Joe's vision and design talents led to one of the most popular and asked for "add-on" products ever developed for the RV market. A heating system so simple, that RV owners could do their own installations to retro-fit any RV.  These new products opened the door to further winter use  advancements within the RV Industry, as archived in the "RV Hall of Fame".  Manufactures moved from three season, winter storage or "run for the sun" designs, to full time destination parking four season use.  

The UltraHeat® brand of efficient full contact electric heaters apply the heat right where it's needed most, directly on the Holding Tanks, Drain Pipes and Gate Valves.  This is done without special tools or the need to cover and restrict access to an RV underbelly.

Joe guided the promotion of the UltraHeat® brand to an early and lasting lead, being the first in this new RV Winter Freeze Protection market.   Because of Joe's emphasis on quality materials and high testing standards both in finish product and performance, these products quickly gained attention of the Consumer and RV Dealerships as well as most all North American RV Manufacturers.  As the company continues to grow, we at Ultra Heat, Inc. stride to maintain Joe’s friendly "one-on-one" way of doing business.

The success of the UltraHeat® brand has now extended onto the global market.  These Heat Panels have rapidly been recognized as the "standard" to use not only in the North American RV markets, now the overseas Caravan and Motorhome Industries have adopted their use as well. As the Mobile Vacation trends continue to expand and grow worldwide, our company is already positioned to be in the forefront, providing products tailored and unique to the different markets. This global advancement is in part the reason our company’s adaptation of the new manufacturing operations name, “UHI Worldwide, Inc.” back in 2006.  Our unique and sometimes niche market heating system designs are now used throughout the world, and the standard for use within several other industries as well.  

We thank you for taking the time to learn about our special line of "Full Contact" UltraHeat® panels and a little of our history. Your RV or Caravan may already be equipped with some of our heaters. To find out if your unit is fully or only partially protected against cold weather freeze-up, please educate yourself by exploring more of our website and take the time to review your own unit’s cold weather capabilities.  Get the peace of mind that your unit is prepared for four-season use and enjoy your Vacation, Holiday or get-a-way.

Please register your purchased products and ask for a registration sticker to display on your RV.  Once all the tanks, pipes and termination valves are protected with UltraHeat® Heat panels, your unit will have additional market value because it will be better prepared for year-round-use.